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    Bonus promotion "Post and get paid"

    Yes, at now only paid for interesting author's material and useful communication, Flood in order to get bonus will not be paid. and it is starts at 1st September. But i posted before the new rules. Please give my 352 post bonus which i posted on August.
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    Bonus promotion "Post and get paid"

    But it is new rules. This rules applicable for September 01. But i posted before 01 September. Month August, that time admin also see the post but no reaction. Please give my bonus for 352 post
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    Bonus promotion "Post and get paid"

    Sir, I posted 352 post in Trader pavilion in August that means before September 01. But i see my post is now 04. The new rules start on 01 September. Before 01 September i posted 352 post. Can i get bonus for 362 post? Before changing the rules i posted this 352 post....
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    Topic for request promotion "Post and get paid"

    Transitory account No. 45455255 Trading account: 1000007973 Month: August
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    Bonus promotion "Post and get paid"

    Sir, I am facing a problem in forum. After submitting the post it is becoming changes. Some words are missing from the lines which does not reflect the meanings what I am trying to write. I have written "If any trader can take the advantage of this price change he can get profit from Forex...
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    No-deposit bonus AMEGA 3D - Don’t Deposit Deal - EXPIRED

    I want No Deposit Bonus from AMEGA FX: Swarnali Saha Transitory account: 45455255 Premium account No: 1000004101 facebook account link: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010496803484 Invited by: 45316871